These are the ancestors of Charis Anne Fischer Ralko, Laure Marielle Fischer, and Jeffrey Julian Fischer.  The Fischer, Knight, and Clarke ancestors on their father’s side, and the GilbertJulian, and Broadbridge ancestors on their mother’s side, played important roles in the founding of the American colonies, and went on to contribute to the defining political, economic and martial events of American history.  Among their relatives are original Plymouth pilgrims, World War soldiers and sailors, a distantly linked president, a gold rusher pioneer in Australia, and possibly even a witch!  The stories are incredible, with many yet untold.

This site is an ideal venue to record their ancestors’ stories for posterity, and to gather new ones.  Find descriptions of the families above by clicking on their links in the menu to the right, and more detailed narratives of select individuals – John and Priscilla Alden, Lydia Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Thomas Clarke, Francis KnightRene Julian, and George Boysen – found in the drop-down menu links to the right and via the icons below.  Feel free to contribute to the discussion at the bottom of each page.